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Hubbard Plumbing has offered new heating and hot water systems as well as existing system repairs since day one.

As Nassau county’s plumbing and furnace repair company, we offer complete gas-to-gas, oil-to-oil, oil-to-gas and National Grid equipment upgrade packages. Our boiler repair and replacements include everything from ‘the ceiling down’, including new circulators for each zone; isolation ball valves on supply & return; new auto-feed valve, expansion tank, relay controls & wiring; flue pipe, etc.

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If you’re not ready for, or don’t need a system replacement, you can still count on us for your heating systems repair needs, such as that relief valve that keeps blowing off or the circulator that makes a funny noise or the air vent with the “crust” around it.

water heater repair long islandOr maybe we can help by exploring options for re-zoning your existing heat for better efficiency and comfort. Have a cold room? Upgrading the existing baseboard heat or radiator may be a simple, low-cost solution.

Thinking of radiant heat for your addition or remodeling project? Give us a call. If radiant is not the right answer for you we can help extend the existing heat into the new space.

We could go on and on about our hot water solutions. Gas or oil fired water heaters, indirect hot water storage tanks, on-demand tankless options–we offer them all. In some cases just a simple Aquabooster system to extend the capacity of your tankless coil may be the right answer: An effective water heater repair solution without breaking the bank? Who knows? We do…give us a call!

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Of course, hot water system repairs from Hubbard Plumbing are just a phone call away.
So pick up the phone and give us a call with your heat or hot water problems. In the mean time, browse our system photos below for a small sample of our recently completed projects.

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