It is the holiday season and more than likely, you will be cooking some extravagant meals for one or more family gatherings.  Winters in Suffolk County, NY are already hard are on your plumbing but if you factor in the potential strain that can result from large family gatherings, you could experience a plumbing catastrophe before the year’s end.  With any family gathering the most popular room in the house always seems to be the kitchen.  It is a common place for people to meet and chat over a well prepared meal.  However, if you are not mindful of how to care for your kitchen plumbing during such gatherings,  you run the risk of disaster.  Being cognizant of what you put down your garbage disposal will help eliminate this risk. Your garbage disposal is not invincible.  There are certain holiday food scraps that should never make their way down your pipes.  We have composed a list of 3 holiday food scraps that are better left in your garbage can: 1.  Liquid Fats and Cooking Oils-  Have you ever left bacon grease in the pan long enough for it to settle and solidify?  The same thing will happen if you pour these kinds of greases and oils down your drain, only they will solidify in your pipes and eventually cause a clog.  Cooking oils and grease should always be wiped from the pan and then thrown away. 2.  Starchy or Fibrous Vegetables- This can include vegetables such as carrots, celery, lettuce or even potato skin.  These are hard to grind and have the potential of becoming wrapped around your garbage disposal blade and clogging the drain. 3.  Hard to Grind Foods- Things such as poultry skin and egg shells should always be thrown away.  Your garbage disposal cannot sufficiently grind these items and the deposits will eventually clog your pipes. The holidays can be a stressful for time for anyone.  Take some of the stress off of your plumbing and help save yourself from a full blown plumbing disaster!  Contact us if you need help with clogged drains or if you would like more information on the full array of services we offer.