showerThe water is filling up around your feet, and you’ve become accustomed to it. It’s gotten to the point that it doesn’t bother you when your feet are entirely covered with bath water during a shower or how long it takes to drain. It isn’t until you give your shower a good wash or a friend comes to visit and needs to use your shower, that you are all of a sudden embarrassed at the state of your shower. After paying us to use a snake and get all the grime and buildup out, you’ve committed to doing a better job at keeping the drain free from clogs. Here are a few quick ways that you can avoid a clogged drain in your shower.

Drain Cover

Hair is usually that drains are clogged in the first place, so the best way to avoid clogging in your drain is by keeping hair from getting there in the first place. One of the most effective ways to do this is with a drain cover. These affordable covers can be found in just about any superstore or home improvement store. The drain cover will fit right over your drain, and catch the hair as it falls towards the drain. Either after a shower, or a week of showers, you can remove the drain cover and dispose of the built up hair.

Clog Remover

If you’ve commit to reducing clogs for a while now, and they somehow continue to happen, your best bet is going to be a clog removing product. There are quite a few to choose from, ranging from gels to to acidic liquids, you can find one that you’ve either heard great things about, or just take a chance. Follow the instructions carefully, as these products are usually pretty high in toxins so that they are able to remove the clog.

In the instance that you just can not get rid of a clog, even after trying these methods, you can always count on our methods that continue to work.