garbageFor some reason we all believe that our drains are capable of removing every item that we shove down there. It really doesn’t matter which drain we’re talking about, because we do it with all of our drains. In fact, clogged drains are one of the most common reasons that plumbers are called, and at times it can take a lot more than a snake to get the build up out. With that said, here are some of the most commonly found items that are shoved into our kitchen sinks, that we really need to make an effort to keep out.

Coffee Grounds

It makes sense why we would think that this is an item that would be fine to pour into our drain. They are tiny and we already know they mix well with water, so why not? The truth is, aside from grease, coffee grounds are the item that create the most blockage within drains.


The outer layer of an egg is so fragile, how could our garbage disposal not be capable of taking care of them. The issue here is that eggshells are granular waste that easily meshes with other forms of waste and helps create a clog. Mixed with grease and fats, and eggshells create some of the biggest clogs.

These are the top two most common items that create a bigger damage than you’d expect. At Hubbard Plumbing, we have the experience as master plumbers to handle any clog that you’ve got going on in your home. Call us today and schedule an appointment to get us out there as soon as possible.