Bathroom Renovation Suffolk County

While some of us are already blessed and have our dream bathroom, most of us do not. “Dream Bathroom,” it’s a weird phrase. Let’s be honest, none of us are really dreaming of bathrooms. We should be though! Just as you decorate your entire home and create a calm and harmonious energy, you should do the same with your bathroom. Think about it, you spend a good amount of time in there. Might as well create a space that makes you happy and want to spend time in it. No matter what the size of the bathroom is, there are a few ways that you can make your space bigger and more luxurious both with or without bathroom renovation.


Mirrors are an easy and practical way to expand your space and make the room seem much larger than it actually is. Placing a large mirror in front of the bathroom sink, will not only give you a great place to get ready, but it will also help reflect light. You might also consider arranging different sized mirrors on the wall in an artistic pattern instead of placing one big mirror. We also would recommend a mirror with a minimal or no frame. A big frame can seem bulky and make the room seem more cluttered than it actually is.

Floating shelves

If you’re short on space, floating shelves are a great option to consider. Adding these types of bathroom fixtures will allow you to store all your necessities without having to feel cluttered by objects on your counter or on the floor. Now, the catch to this is that in order to expand the visual space in your bathroom, whatever you’re storing on that shelf is going to have to be neatly displayed or else it will just look like clutter. But, this is a great incentive to keep your space clean! Many people will keep towels or other bathroom essentials on these shelves, giving you the convenience of having everything you need out without having it take up larger amounts of space.

Natural Light

Natural light is always desirable, but especially in the bathroom. Nothing is more welcoming than walking into a room and being greeted by sunlight. Natural light is also a great addition to have in any area where you spend time getting ready, especially if you’re putting on make-up. While privacy is also a large concern for most people in the bathroom, try using a curtain that allows for some light to flow in. Any type of blind or curtain that also is in a natural color or tone that matches the paint of your space, will help expand the look of your bathroom as well.

Declutter Your Space

This is probably the easiest and most cost efficient way to make your bathroom space look larger than it actually is. By simply eliminating items off of your counter space, it can take your bathroom from a three to an eight. When deciding on what and what not to keep on your counters, only keep the essential components. For example, only keep a bottle of hand soap on the counter. By decluttering your space, this also forces you to take advantage of the storage space that most of us tend to neglect. This includes the medicine cabinet space behind your mirror, bathroom drawers, and the space under the sink!

Neutral Colors

Rooms with light or neutral colors tend to create an optical illusion that the space is bigger than it really is. One easy idea is to blend the tile color with the color of the walls. This will eliminate the space from looking cut off and give more length to the room. You want everything in the room to flow together seamlessly, and avoid harsh lines. This method might include more renovations than some of the previous methods, however, it can make a world of a difference.

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