drainLet’s face it, male or female, we all know at least one person that can always manage to clog the shower drain. Whether it be a spouse, sibling or friend, we’ve all got a person in our life that leaves us with the less than pleasant duty of pulling hair, that seems to go on forever, out of the shower drain. While you may have a selfless love for this person, the master plumbers at Hubbard Plumbing figured that you would be better off with a few tips to help you avoid clogged drains in the first place.

Drain Cover

These inexpensive covers do more than their cost speaks for. Made from plastic or light pieces of metal, these covers catch the hair or debris that fall into the drain and create clogs. One of the biggest perks to drain covers is that if ever there is hair or debris to throw out, you can easily grab the edge of and empty in a trash can. Give it a good rinse, and it’s ready to go back into the tub. This tiny little piece really prevents quite a few clogs from happening in your shower and make cleaning up, extremely easy.


For the times that some hair does sneak down your drain, it doesn’t need to be a huge problem. There are plenty of solutions that are made to clean out drains – gels, foam, gel and liquid – that destroy the clogs that keep an open pathway for water. Start by boiling water, and then pouring the solution down the drain. After the solution has had a moment to sit, pour the hot water down the drain; this should remove any build up from the drain.

If you still can’t unclog your drain after using these tactics, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Contact Hubbard Plumbing and allow for our master plumbers to take care of the clog. We are experts and have years worth of experience to get the job done. Don’t wait any longer!