plumbing companies suffolk county

plumbing companies suffolk county

Since 1979, Hubbard Plumbing has been providing Long Island, and its surrounding counties, with both knowledge and great service. As a family owned business, we are proud to continue our tradition of excellent heating and plumbing services from generation to generation. With over 100 years of experience, our staff and our services excel in both the quality of our workmanship and our dedication to you, our loyal customers.

Home Services With Heart

As homeowners ourselves, we share your desire to keep what is perhaps your largest investment, in optimum condition. Many of the skills and techniques we bring to your projects have been refined over many years from working on our own remodeling or home improvement projects. We are even able to apply our adapted talents to your home and its needs. Since each of our jobs is a reflection of our personal standards and workmanship, you can be assured that you will be getting the same effort and passion that we put into our own homes.

Premier Plumbing Services

Reputable plumbing companies can be difficult to come by, however we at Hubbard Plumbing, make sure every detail is correct. Every aspect of our customer service, from the way in which we communicate with you to the cleanliness of our uniforms, we hold professionalism very high within our business.


Communication skills can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to plumbing services. Many people believe that when your home needs a simple repair, no words are needed. Right? Well, much of our business revolves around contacting our customers and making sure they understand our processes. At Hubbard Plumbing, we call you before, during, and after the job is performed, for one golden reason: our customer’s experience. We want each of our jobs to go smoothly and have each customer come away feeling satisfied and informed about their services. Typically, one of our staff will explain what needs to be done before making any repairs. We will also go over the finished work we have completed, so you can keep tabs on the process of the project.

A Prepared Plumbing Service

Hubbard Plumbing is a fully insured, licensed plumbing service. As an insured plumbing service, we can give our customers a peace of mind that, in the extremely unlikely event that something does not go as planned during any of our plumbing services, they will be protected. One other form of protection we use for our clients is that our business uses reciprocal licenses. We use these as a way to serve any customers that may not be in our direct areas of service. Contact us today to set up your plumbing or remodeling appointment.

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