Plumbers Suffolk County

Hubbard Plumbing has over 25 years of experience with plumbing services and heating repair in the Suffolk County area. Contact our office for any questions that you have regarding services or areas of service. We can also take care of any estimates for our plumbing services and bathroom or kitchen renovations.bathroom remodel suffolk county


Fax: 631-544-6250

Due to the tight economic times it is likely you will reach our voice mail system which has been designed to get your call to the appropriate extension quickly and efficiently. Our extension list is as follows:

  • Ext. 0: All plumbing & heating related services, repairs, estimates, questions or projects
  • Ext. 201: Steve Hubbard
  • Ext. 202: Steve Hubbard Sr.
  • Ext. 204: Bob Tinker
  • Ext. 208: Emergency Service

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