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Hubbard Plumbing has offered new heating and hot water system installation and repairs since the beginning of our business.

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Nearly 40 Years of Experience

It is difficult to believe that our doors have been open nearly 40 years. Due to our skills and customer service, we have been able to make it through the highs and lows of the last four decades. Because of our years of experience, we have been able to give our customers in the Long Island counties high-quality services. The key to our success comes from our understanding that communication and hard work are the main ingredients to an incredible business. With this understanding, we have been able to build not only a loyal customer base, but welcome-in new clients every day!

Nassau County

Though we service many of the surrounding Long Island counties, our primary areas of business are conducted in Suffolk and Nassau county.
As plumbing and furnace repair company, we offer complete gas-to-gas, oil-to-oil, oil-to-gas and National Grid equipment upgrade packages. Our boiler repair and replacements include everything from “the ceiling to the floor”, including new circulators for each zone.

Other Services Include:

• Isolation ball valves on supply & return
• New auto-feed valve
• Expansion tank
• Relay controls & wiring
• Flue pipe


At Your Service

If you’re not ready for, or don’t need a system replacement, you can still count on us for your heating systems repair and installation needs, such as that relief valve that keeps blowing off, the circulator that makes a funny noise or the air vent with the “crust” around it. No matter what the symptom is, we have skilled technicians at-the-ready to serve you.
And, if perhaps, you know nothing about plumbing or your heating system, we also take pride teaching our customers about their systems. Educating our customers about our business, not only helps our customers have a better understanding of their systems, but allows us to foster a better relationship with our clients. We take our job seriously and hope that everyone who works with us can come away with a better knowledge of their plumbing and heating systems than they did before.
Whether you are wanting to replace a heating system or you’re exploring the options for rezoning your existing heat, call a professional. Plumbing and heating systems aren’t DIY projects. If you aren’t aware of what you are doing any project could take twice as long. Not to mention, if you are uneducated about the system, you could damage the system permanently, or worse, hurt yourself and others. If you’re currently struggling with your heating system, a quick-fix is a call away! So, if you are thinking of upgrading your existing baseboard heat or radiator, Hubbard Plumbing can find your a fast, low-cost solution!

Enjoy A Comfortable Environment, Call Us Now!

Hot water system repairs from Hubbard Plumbing are just a phone call away! If you are curious about the quality of our work and would like to see past completed projects, feel free to browse our project gallery. In the collection, you will be able to gather the information you need to trust us with any of your home projects!

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