A bathroom serves several basic human needs, but what does your bathroom mean to you? For some, it is the place they spend quite a bit of time preparing for the day– setting the mood for how the day is going to be. For others, the bathroom may be a sanctuary, a retreat from the demands of work or parenthood. Whatever your bathroom is to you, it should be a place that brings positivity into your life, in not only functionality, but also in visual appeal. If you find yourself frustrated by plumbing issues, or tired of your’s bathrooms look, maybe it’s time for a change.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, what are some of the first things you should consider before you start your project? One of the first questions to ask is: What do you actually want to change about your current bathroom?

Areas of Changes

Sometimes remodeling can feel like an overwhelming idea, because it can involve consideration of many aspects. Here are some basic areas of change to consider:

  • Budget – What are you looking to spend? And what are your priorities? Knowing what you plan to spend on your remodel and what changes are the most important to you can help the entire decision process.
  • Cosmetic – Would a color change or style be sufficient? Would a color change involve painting, tile replacement, etc.?
  • Plumbing – Do you need to update your plumbing? Would a style change affect your plumbing set up?
  • Overall – Or, would an overhaul of the entire room be more of what you’re looking for? Since you’re changing one part of your room, maybe it would be more convenient to make all the needed changes at once.

We at Hubbard Plumbing what to help those in the King Park and surrounding areas through the process of bathroom remodel. We are homeowners ourselves, and understand all that goes into a remodel, including how it can affect your family. Contact us with any questions you might have!