In our last blog, we talked about what basic questions to answer when you are considering a bathroom remodel. If you answered yes to making a cosmetic change, now it’s time to start diving into the nitty-gritty details of what you want your bathroom to look like.


Whether you know what color you would like to have in your bathroom, or have an idea of a basic style in mind, you will need to think about style. Style can involve paint colors, trim and tile change, and possibly a new sink or tub.


Some important questions to think about when choosing what colors to have in your bathroom are:

  • What colors make me feel happy, at peace, and comforted?
  • What colors go with the style I would like to have?
  • What colors do I like?
  • What’s the extent of change I would like to make?

Bathroom Color “Rules”

Though what people like is subjective, here are some suggestions that can help your bathroom really shine:

  • A bathroom off the master bedroom should tie into the bedroom’s overall theme.
  • A powder room bathroom should tie into the overall style of your house but can stand alone in color.
  • A bright color can help a room feel bigger, while a dark color makes a room feel smaller.

Still not sure what you want for your bathroom? Start looking online for things you like. Pinterest can be a great tool for figuring out your options. Also, ask around! If you like the look of a friend’s bathroom, ask them what they did or what style their bathroom emulates. Going to your local home improvement store and looking around their bathroom section can also spark some ideas.

Also, we at Hubbard Plumbing are here to help! Not only do we have experience serving the Kings Park area, but we are also homeowners as well and understand the financial commitment that goes into a bathroom remodel. Call us and set an appointment!