garbagedWe like to think that our garbage disposals are indestructible, but that is most definitely not the case. It’s easy for things to get stuck in the garbage disposal, from forks hanging out in the sink to leftovers from your plate, tons of things make their way down the drain. While it may seem harmless, some items that you’re used to putting down your sink could be doing more damage than expected. The team of master plumbers at Hubbard Plumbing wants to provide you with some insight on items that you should avoid slipping into your drain.

Grease, Oils & Fats

As easy as it is to just let it slip, bacon grease or oils left over from cooking can do some serious damage to your garbage disposal. When these greasy foods get down into the blades of your garbage disposal they coat the blades and end up contributing to decay. When this happens your blades begin to break and stop getting rid of the items in the drain, creating clogs or damage to other parts of the garbage disposal.

Rice, Potatoes, Pasta or Beans

These tiny foods all expand when water is added. While they may already be cooked, they can still retain water much more than other items that make their way down the drain. Even after they’ve been cooked, the tiny bits that remain can create a paste from mixing with water that contributes to clogged drains.

Fibrous Foods

Most vegetables including celery, potatoes, or corn can get wrapped around the blade or make the blade less sharp so that it doesn’t work as well. They are harder to break down, so it’s better to avoid putting them down the drain.

We know that it’s unrealistic for all these foods to stay out of the drain, but when you do notice damage in your garbage disposal, we are here to help. Call Hubbard Plumbing to come out and fix any plumbing problems that you’re having. We serve the Suffolk County, Kings Park and Huntington areas.