Let’s face it; it’s always easier to flush things down the toilet rather than slow them away, right? Why do we always think this is the best way to get rid of items we no longer need? For one, you won’t have to empty out the trash as much; two, it keeps your bathroom looking tidy and clean. There are few items that keep your plumbing running smoothly; however, there are some that you should avoid flushing down the John. That is, unless you like calling a plumber for help. Here’s a list of what to avoid flushing down the toilet once and for all:

Don’t Flush These 11 Items Down the Toilet

#1 Bathroom Wipes

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, as much as you love getting rid of moist towelettes via the toilet, it’s in your best interest to avoid it when possible. We all love “adult baby wipes,” but the fact of the matter is, these wipes aren’t meant for flushing. Although our plumbers are accustomed to fetching them out of clogged toilets, you can avoid the embarrassment and frustration by keeping a trashcan with a lid on it right next to the throne.

#2 Condoms

Although condoms can be deemed too gross or inappropriate for the trashcan, that’s where they belong. There’s no doubt about it; we’ve all done it, tossed a condom into the toilet to flush it down and away for good; but, that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. In fact, condoms are the main culprits for sewer problems and plumbing clogs. Instead of chancing it, wrap it up safely and securely with toilet paper and throw it in the trashcan.

#3 Cotton Balls & Swabs

Cotton balls and swabs, they’re just made out of cotton, right?  How damaging could they be? Well, they can actually create a world of havoc. You’d think these soggy balls of cotton would eventually break up after you flush them, but they don’t. Instead, they eventually gather together like a little colony of cotton warriors and bend and break pipelines. What does this do? It causes massive blockages.

#4 Prescription Medication

Prescription medication should be donated to a local pharmacy drop-off location rather than flushed down the toilet. You may think you’re safe and actually doing a good thing, but you’re not! Did you know that if you wrongfully flush prescription medication down a toilet, you’ll be affecting wildlife that lives down stream? Ok, you might not have alligators that live in sewers near you, but there are other animals and kinds of wildlife you could potentially be hurting.

#5 Paper Towels

It doesn’t matter if you’re out of TP when the time comes to use the restroom; whatever you do, don’t flush paper towels down the toilet you rapidly grabbed from the kitchen that will have to suffice as your replacement option. Instead, throw the used paper towels in the trashcan. Doing so will save you a headache of a clog. If you decide to go against things, though, you can trust that our plumbers will come and save the day.

#6 Cigarette Butts

Keep the cigarettes out of the John! Not only will you thank us now, but you’ll thank us when guests don’t become surprised and grossed out by the butts that are floating around aimlessly when the go to use the toilet. Cigarette butts hardly ever flush down the toilet; plus, they’re full of chemicals that, in addition to prescription medications, will likely harm any wildlife down the pipeline.

#7 Band-aids

Did you know that band-aids are made from non-biodegradable plastic? This means that they are terrible for the environment and will only cause problems if flushed down into the sewage system. Save yourself and our plumbers a headache and throw band-aids in the trashcan instead.

#8 Dental Floss

This one might be obvious, but to some, it’s not. Flossing your teeth regularly is very important to your dental hygiene, but throwing the used floss into the toilet preceded by a flush, is not. Keep your used dental floss out of the toilet and away from the sewage system. Why? It tends to wrap itself around other objects down the pipeline which tends to make tiny clogs a much bigger problem.

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#9 Oil, Fats and Grease

Cooking fats should never go down your toilet; in fact, they should never go down any drain for that matter. Oils, fats and grease should be dumped in the trashcan after they cool from cooking. When the liquid is hot, it’s just that, a liquid; however, when they cool, they solidify which makes clogs much more likely. They tend to create a waxy film which can become a huge problem for your plumbing.

#10 Disposable Diapers

Let’s be real, just because waste is in the diaper doesn’t mean it’s ok to flush down the toilet. Diapers are meant for the trashcan, not the toilet. Additionally, diapers have toxic plastic that if flushed, will expand and create a very big problem.

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