There are a number of reasons why you could be experiencing a plumbing issue. Everything from burst pipes to clogged lines, plumbers in Long Island, NY have seen everything when it comes to plumbing problems. There are however, a few common mistakes that homeowners often make that will undoubtedly lead to a plumbing issue or malfunction. According to, these are common mistakes that are easily preventable.

  1. Putting Anything and Everything Down the Garbage Disposal- Not all garbage and unwanted food items should be put down the garbage disposal. Certain food items, such as potato skins or watermelon rinds, do not break down easily. They have a tendency to build up and they will eventually keep your garbage disposal blade from working properly, if at all.
  2. Too Much Weight on Fixtures- Plumbing fixtures are not made to bear weight. Items such as shampoo racks that hang from the shower head can, over time, cause your plumbing fixture to break off, leaving you with a potentially costly repair. It also important to avoid using the bathtub faucet as a foot rest.
  3. Flushing Large Items Down the Toilet- We understand that this most often occurs in households with children. However, when your child flushes your new watch down the toilet, don’t try using the plunger to remove it. This can lodge the watch even further into the line and make the removal process even more difficult.

Whatever the cause, if you have a plumbing problem that you need fixed right away, please do not hesitate to contact your local plumbers at Hubbard Plumbing. We offer a multitude of different plumbing services, including installation, as well as repair services. We will have your plumbing operating as usual in no time.