toiletAfter a quick flush, you continue to hear the water running. Maybe this happens once or twice a month or year, but all of a sudden your toilet starts running on a regular basis, and you have to toggle with the handle a couple times before taking off the lid, shuffling everything, and somehow magically making the running water stop. If you’re tired of dealing with this on a regular basis, you’re in luck, because Hubbard Plumbing has dealt with much worse than a running toilet. While we are a team of master plumbers, there are times that this issue is is a quick and easy one to fix. Here are a few reasons that your toilet might be running, that you can fix on your own.

Valve Leak

A valve leak is the most common reason that toilets run. Test this by flushing the toilet and looking to see if there is a fill valve leak. Lift up on the float arm as the tank fills and see if doing so stops the water from filling. If this stops it, readjust the float arm so that the tank will stop filling once the float reaches this point. If that doesn’t fix it, your valve probably has a leak and needs to be replaced. Call our team and we’ll come get that fixed.  

Broken Chain

If the chain inside of your toilet is broken, too short or has fallen loose, your toilet will run when flushed. This usually happens when the flap of the drain gets stuck in an upright position, allowing for all of the filler water to go right back down the drain. If you see that the chain is the issue, you can quickly hook the chain back on or easily replace chain, to discontinue this issue.

A running toilet can waste millions of gallons of water in just a few hours. Make sure that you’re not paying for the waste that this issue is causing by taking care of it as quickly as possible.