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The winter season is upon us, which means that it’s time to refresh yourself on how to prepare your plumbing system from freezing and other issues. When it comes to plumbing, there are certain cold weather preventative measures that you can easily take in order to maintain the integrity of your water system and avoid any damage or excessive bills. While we’ve passed one of the busiest seasons of the year for plumbers, Thanksgiving, you still want to take care of your water system. Learn more about our favorite winter plumbing tips and remember to contact us if you have any questions or are experiencing any issues.


Turn Off Your Outside Water Valves

When the temperature drops below freezing, which is common in our area, the water pipes in your home have the potential to rupture or burst, which is not only expensive but can cause excessive damage. According to State Farm, ther average homeowners expense for a pipe rupture is about $15,000. You can easily avoid this by turning off all the outside water valves and then look for any areas that may be un-insulated. These pipes are most likely to freeze and can be kept warm by wrapping foam or towels around them. If it’s extremely cold, you can also turn on your faucets to let them drip slowly to give some form of water flow.


Know The Location of Your Homes Water Valve

If you do have a pipe burst, you’ll need to know how to immediately shut off all the water in your home. This means you need to locate the water valve. Typically, the valve is usually located next to the water meter. 


Make Sure Your Heat Isn’t On Too Low

While it can be nice to save on energy costs by bundling up and turning off your heater, this can be dangerous to your pipes. It’s especially important if you’re traveling and won’t be home to monitor your space. If you’re traveling or not wanting to keep your heater on, make sure that the temperature isn’t too low. It’s important to keep your home no lower than 60 degrees. We understand that you might want to save a few dollars by turning off the heat, but the cost of running your home’s heater is way cheaper than the alternative of a burst pipe and water damage. 


Keep your home plumbing in tip-top shape this winter with our plumbing services. At Hubbard Plumbing, we have a great team of trained repair professionals that are here for any and all of your plumbing repair needs, including cold weather care. Protect your home, save money, and keep your pipes in perfect condition with our plumbing installation and repair services. Contact us with any questions regarding any type of large home appliance; we have experience working with tons of different brands and offer various services if you need something other than installation. Visit us onsite to learn more! From all of us at Hubbard Plumbing, we wish you a Happy Holidays!